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Removing mold whenever you find it should be a priority.

It can get into your air vents of your heater and air conditioning systems and the spores could get everyone in the place sick. Of course, there are different types of mold that can form. Not every single type of mold is going to have the capability to cause major illnesses. If you have family members in Victoria with a history of respiratory issues getting a check-up you find mold in the air vents would not be the worst idea. In any case, we can help you eradicate the mold from your property.

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Mold Removal Improve Your Health

One of the things that we always like to say is that we can’t be afraid to really scrape the walls the right way. We would rather honestly take more time when repairing the areas than to risk leaving some of the mould there. When we are talking about crawl spaces and things of that nature there is always going to be some mold residue leftover and what we have to do is make sure that we take the right steps to ensure that it does not come back to haunt us!

Not Removing 100% Of the Mold?

If you have been doing some research on this particular service for quite a while you have probably come across some people that say you can never remove 100% of the mold. So, would we say that this is true or false? Well, we would say that it depends on where the fungus has gotten. If we are talking about mold directly in walls we are going to have to make sure that we remove everything. Even if that may mean having to restore the whole wall later on. If we are talking about a crawl space that is where things can get more difficult. As we are not going to be able to tear down your foundation because of mold!

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Not All Common Mold Is Created Equal

We want to get right back on the topic of crawlspaces so that we don’t lose that train of thought. What we can say is that what we are trying to do is control the amount of mold that is going to form. A lot of times the natural condition of these places really helps mold develop. What we are going to try and do is prevent major outbreaks. That being said this is going to depend a lot on the type of mold remediation that we are going to be dealing with at the time.

Mold Removal in Victoria Area

Mold and vermiculite can be very, very dangerous. That is one of the reasons why we would never recommend that you attack the issue on your own if you don’t have experience on the matter. Not different types of mold can form. Not all of them are going to be as toxic or as harmful. If you are looking to play it safe you can give us a call and we will get you some help as quickly as we can!

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